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Drop everything you’re doing and listen up, men and women alike! Here comes the boon that you were looking for all your life- a solution that makes permanent hair removal as easy as shaving. Take permanent to a new level with Braun’s raving product that has hit the shelves and shook the beauty technology market for good! Make it a part of your routine to stay hair-free through life! Braun’s IPL uses intense pulsated light to concentrate on the hair root (bulb) for making it a bargain as compared to exorbitant salon treatments, and twice as effective!


Easier done than said!

Intense Pulsated Light, explained:

One of the most effective, practically pain-free and easy to use forms of at-home permanent hair removal, Intense Pulsated Light applies broad-spectrum light to the skin that in turn targets the melanin in the skin. Once the device is in contact with the skin, it sends out light that travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts, i.e. the root of the hair. As the light gets absorbed in the skin, the hair papilla (simply put- the hair manufacturing factory unit) gets destroyed due to the heat applied. Since the root, bulb is where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as it gets destroyed, you will be hair-free from the root up!

Why the constant touch-ups?

IPL can be needy during the course of your treatment, demanding time and undivided attention. Ever wondered why?

THIS is why- At any given point of time during treatment, not all of your hair follicles are active, light does not reach the inactive hair follicles, making hair grow back. Since IPL only targets the active hair follicles, one has to wait for an inactive hair follicle to become actives, simply put, for the hair to grow back, making the number of treatments stretch to over the course of few weeks. This property makes IPL effective only if one follows the given treatment protocol. Available in specialist salons since 1997, IPL was one of the first few methods to ever promise the long lost dream of permanently hair-free skin. Braun IPL has been designed after years of extensive research with the world’s leading dermatologists and brought to the comfy of your sofa by Shop4Body!

Braun made its way into the hair grooming business way back when lady shavers and epilators were namesake and not accessible to the public, and revolutionised the way shavers are used in day to day life. Move over salon treatments, Braun IPL is here to save the day for the better, making it one of the most sought after brans when it comes to beauty technology and long-lasting hair removal techniques.


Braun lends the features that we would normally see in a salon treatment, making it a product worth incorporating in your beauty routine. Let’s delve into the features of Braun’s IPL and see what makes it a steal amongst its competitors!

Price: £399 £259 (Combo pack with a Braun body exfoliator free!)


Hair Colour & Skin Tone: Braun’s IPL is suitable for hair colours and skin tones mentioned here.

More flashes, more magic: Braun’s IPL contains about 120,000 flashes that deliver an equivalent of 15 years of full body treatments, making it an investment that will last, totally worth the hype!

Glide mode: A fast, efficient IPL treatment at the comfort of your own home, using the gliding mode to trigger more flashes, close to negligible missed areas!

FDA cleared: Derived from professional light technology, Venus Silk-expert 5 IPL, powered by Braun, is clinically tested for safe and effective use at home.

Intelligent SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor: The only IPL that adapts to your skin, Braun’s BD5009 makes it easier to use the device at home. Varied skin tone means varied settings, leave the worries out the door because Brian BD5009 comes equipped with the unique SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor that reads your skin tone 80x per second – and automatically adapts the light intensity for best efficacy and safety!

Faster treatments: Braun’s IPL provides fast treatments without compromising on effectiveness, doubly suitable for legs or arms (treatment time: a mere 8 minutes) and other large body parts!

Gillette Venus razor: Prep up your skin The Braun IPL includes Gillette Venus razor for a smooth, close shave before treatment, so that your skin can prep up nicely before the treatment begins.

Customise your treatment: Modes that adapt to your skin tone

Normal mode- This mode gives you the full power and adaptation that your skin tone demands, at any time!

Gentle mode- The IPL adapts to different skin tones as fast and accurately as in normal mode – just on a lower energy level, that does not disturb sensitive skin.

Gliding mode- Ideal for treating larger body parts such as legs, stomach and arms, the gliding mode is much easier as compared to precision when it comes to a greater surface area. Press and hold the treatment button, and move the device slowly and continuously from the bottom to the top of the treatment area, making sure to always keep full contact with your skin so that the device flashes continuously!

Precision mode- Ideal for treating smaller body parts with added care, precision mode is just one of the many features of Braun’s IPL. Press and instantly release the treatment button, the device will emit a flash for treating your skin. Continually lift the device and place it onto the next adjacent spot that is to be treated. Again, wait for the power bars to light up white LEDs. Now press and release the treatment button.


Step 1- Remove all unwanted hair in the area that wish to treat. Ensure there is no hair remaining above the surface of the skin, you may use your choice of hair removal technique, and pat dry your skin. There is a razor provided for an optimum 360 degree treatment. Plug your device in a power socket, a fan will start running and an LED light will turn on, this means the device is ready to run!

Step 2- Patch test- Before beginning your first treatment, it is recommended that you test your skin for reaction to Braun Silk·expert on a small area of skin of the body part you plan to treat (about 2 x 3 cm in size; equivalent to the size of two flashes, side by side) and wait for 48 hours for any reaction, if not, then you can continue to treat the area as you normally would.

Step 3- Post the patch test if the result is no irritation or reaction, you may begin your treatment. After plugging in, the device will turn on and start operating in full light intensity, to tone it down into gentle mode, press the intensity button, a blue light will turn on, further press it to make the device go into extra gentle mode, for those with extra sensitive skin!

Step 4- Make sure the nozzle is in full contact with the skin or else it will not work. You may use gliding mode for larger body areas. To use, hold down the button and treat along your skin, gliding as you go. For smaller body parts, press and release the button once. Use the gentle or extra gentle mode for sensitive areas or if it’s your first time.

Step 5- Note that the Philips Lumea is ideal for men below the shoulder area such as chest, arms, back, stomach and legs, making it an ideal day-in treatment basic for you and your SO! For treating facial hair (only for women, men cannot use it due to the density of their facial hair!), thoroughly clean the skin and remove any unwanted hair, make-up and lotions prior to the treatment. Position a mirror for a close, precise treatment.

Step 6- Place the treatment window on your skin, and before pressing the treatment button, close your eyes or look away to avoid the bright light. Use the precision mode for an effective treatment. Try to avoid contact with the nostrils or lips, press your lips firmly together to avoid any adverse reactions.

Step 7- Cleanliness is more important than the treatment, do not forget to wipe clean the nozzle after every use.

Step 8-In the first phase of your treatment, treat once a week for 4 – 12 weeks. Then adjust to your needs. The result is permanent visible hair removal that you can flaunt all life long! Simple touchups in the luxury of your own sofa with managed time schedules or a hefty bill at the salon with treatments that can provide a vacay to the Hamptons, the choice is easy and the choice is yours, make an informed one!


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Life is good when you are at the beach, but life is better when your beach body is slender, toned and ready for that summer sun! Imagine worry-free days, devouring sea food, drinking champagne with your girlfriends by the sea!

Move over fad diets, veganism and punishing your gut! Slendertone Connect Toning belt when paired with a balanced diet, slight exercise and consistency can prove to be your best friend this summer and every summer hereafter!

From its humble beginnings in Baker Street, London, Slendertone became the world’s first toning belt to become FDA cleared in 2001. The legend Muhammad Ali used Slendertone before his matches in the boxing ring, Slendertone also went on to supply world class athletes with toning belts before the big games in 1972 and 1976 summer Olympic games.

From launching the first toning belt to be used at-home in 1999, Slendertone was the first brand to release independently conducted clinical trials in 2005 proving its mettle again. SLENDERTONE Connect is the world’s first app-controlled toning device and the second ever app-controlled medical device too!
Let’s dive into the features of the toning belt – Price: RRP 179.99 RRP 169.99

The Technology: Used by world-class athletes like Muhammad Ali, Olympic players and the like, is now available for use readily, from the comfort of our futon, any time, any where! Lightweight and wireless, you can use it while cooking, washing dishes, doing the laundry, or while working out for a more effective workout sesh! Slendertone uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax in a similar way.

EMS works as a rehabilitation tool as a medical support kit for partially or totally immobilised patients, and as a strength and training tool for a perfectly healthy people, and as a post exercise recovery tool for athletes, causing it to gain even more momentum in the last few years. The device generates impulses that are then delivered to the skin, near the muscles being stimulated via electrodes. The impulses work effectively because of simply put, a phenomenon that mimics the body’s potential action that comes from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. EMS is so effective a tool, that it is cited by sports physicians as an effective complementary technique for sports training. In USA, EMS has become one of the many devices regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)!

How does Slendertone work?

The core is literally the most important part of your body, and the most ignored. During everyday activities like sitting at your desk, walking and carrying groceries, the brain sends signals to the muscles via the nerves, making them contract and relax. Slendertone is clinically proven to do the same via electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) via the app-controlled toning belt, a state-of-the-art technology that is aided by years of research and development. It uses EMS to directly emit signals from the belt to the abdominal muscles, making them contract, relax and work in a similar fashion. Toning belt, an active lifestyle, a balanced diet can work wonders to give you the dream Instagram-like beach body that is envied more than loved by one and all!

What’s more? Let’s dive into the features of Slendertone & whether it justifies the fad or not!

There’s more to Slendertone than just toning the abdominal muscles. It strengthens the core deeply and effectively, at the comfort of your own futon! It is engineered to work beyond just the body but to tone the core deeply to achieve maximum bene?ts from your workout as well.

50Hz electrical pulse frequency – The Slendertone is proven to provide a more efcient muscle toning session as compared to other models on the market with a higher Hz frequency for maximum toning.

Patented fit and design – Connect has tailor-made gel pads that are specifically placed on the sides and centre of your torso to tone the abdominal area muscles smoothly and effectively. The uber comfortable gel pads have been placed with a unique conductive mesh which evenly distributes the stimulating (EMS) signals throughout the torso for an effective and ultracomfortable abs workouts.

Built for active lifestyles – The compression belt has been specifically sculpted to keep the gel pads in full contact with the skin, throughout the workout, so that you can continue with your metime as it suits you. Read a book, commute to work, do household chores, or work out, the comfortable belt ensures that you’re getting the most out of every session. The belt can be worn during day-to-day activities, during that perfecting core workouts, light circuits and exercise plans, so that no day is wasted!

Backed by decades of research – The Slendertone Connect has come far from its humble beginnings to expand into the field of fitness technology. A pioneer in abdominal toning belts, backed by decades of researches lead by leading scientists, clinical studies that prove its mettle time and again, FDA cleared to move to the top of the spectrum when it comes to toning, Slendertone is here to stay and provide groundbreaking results!

Clinical Research Reports: What is the rave all about?

For years and years, we have seen Slendertone take the fitness technology market by storm, making its way into disease control, then sports and finally into the every day life of people like you and me, for using it in the comfort of our own homes. What do the clinical results claim? Let’s find out: Trials for Slendertone are conducted by leading universities of the world and backed by scientists and researchers for maximum claim value and reliable results. A research led by Dr. John P. Porcari, Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin LA-Cross (2005 & 2018) found that:

-3.5cm: Users that consistently used the Slendertone Abs Toning Belt for eight weeks experienced an average waistline reduction of about 3.5cm.

72%: Increase in the user’s abdominal endurance in just a mere four weeks of using the toning belt.

46%: Increase in abdominal strength experienced by users using it from four weeks.

The results add up to be pretty impressive if the belt is used consistently, at least five times a week during your Slendertone six-week programme.

How does the Slendertone Connect work?

Your Slendertone comes equipped with everything you will be needing for a tighter and stronger core-

  • Slendertone Connect unisex toning belt
  • Rechargeable controller
  • USB charging cable
  • Set of replacement gel pads
  • Instruction manual
  • Handy travel pouch

Steps towards an effective abdominal workout-

Step 1- To start using the belt, first download the Slendertone app from the app store. Ensure the bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad is enabled, and login on the app, or sign up if you are a new user. Fill in your personal details like gender, date of birth, activity level (to the best of your knowledge) and your motivation to use the Slendertone Connect. (we make sure to pep talk your way up to your desired results!)

Step 2- Based on the option you select from the list of motivation options from the ones provided, you will be given further details on the programme detail you will be following. We also recommend sending reminders to yourself from our reminder screen. Voila! You are now ready to pair up your belt with the app.

Step 3- Turn on the controller by holding down the Slendertone power button, press the ‘minus’ button and hold for three seconds, your controller should start sync once it has entered sync mode. Check that the last four digits on the back of your controller match the last four digits displayed on the screen and press continue.

Step 4- A bluetooth pairing request will pop up on the screen, select ‘pair’. After pairing, the controller will turn on, you have now successfully set up your controller.

Step 5- Let’s set up your Slendertone Connect belt. Remove the gel pads from the bag, remove the blue protective cover from the pattern side of the gel pads. Place your gel pads on the connect belt with the pattern side down. Each belt is equipped with markings to allow the gel pads to align the gel pad correctly with your oblique muscles. Ensure that the metal studs are fully covered.

Step 6- To insert the controller into the belt hole stud, lay the belt on a fiat surface and press the controller down into the hole stud until it clicks into place. Ensure all the metal connectors are aligned. Remove the clear plastic covers from the gel pads and preserve them, because you will be covering the gel pads again with the plastic covers after your toning session.

Step 7- Now it’s time to put the belt on your body, centre the gel pads over your navel and the oval pads on either sides between your hip bone and your waist. Press the gel pads firmly on your skin and tighten the belt. Power up your controller by pressing and holding the power button until you hear the startup tone.

Step 8- Now select the intensity level on your app after turning on your controller back up again. You should select an intensity level that you are comfortable with and gradually increase as you go up!

Voila, your set up is now complete and you can effectively begin to progress towards your goal of a tighter core as you begin your journey with Slendertone.


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What can be more annoying than the stubble that keeps growing back in spite of carefully shaving each strand every day, for the rest of your life? (Let’s count out the calories that magically appear on your waistline for now!)

Nothing can take over the urge to be permanently hair-free, care-free, no, not even eating to your likes and not getting fat! Discover the world renowned brand that has taken over the beauty technology industry by storm- Philips that has brought Intense Pulsated Light to your doorstep.

What is the rage all about?

Intense Pulsated Light- Explained:

Intense Pulsated Light is one of the most effective, practically pain-free and easy to use, at-home form of permanent hair removal that applies broad-spectrum light to the skin that in turn targets the melanin in the skin. Once the device is in contact with the skin, it sends out light that travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts, i.e. the root of the hair. As the light gets absorbed in the skin, the hair papilla (simply put- the hair manufacturing factory unit) gets destroyed due to the heat applied. Since the root, bulb is where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as it gets destroyed, you will be hair-free from the root up!

Ever wondered why IPL hair removal can be a needy girlfriend sometimes? Demanding time and undivided attention through the course of your treatment time? THIS is why At any given point of time during treatment, not all of your hair follicles are active, light does not reach the inactive hair follicles, making hair grow back. Since IPL only targets the active hair follicles, one has to wait for an inactive hair follicle to become active, hence the number of treatments stretch to over the course of few weeks, making it effective only if one follows the treatment protocol. Available in specialist salons since 1997, IPL was one of the first few methods to ever promise the long lost dream of permanently hair-free skin. Philips IPL has been designed after fourteen years of extensive research with the world’s leading dermatologists and brought to the comfy of your sofa by Shop4Body!


Let’s delve into the features of Philips IPL and discover what the Intense Pulsated Light can do for you!

Corded and Cordless Usage- The only device in the market with corded and cordless facility available- so that you can enjoy your IPL any time, any where, be it wet or dry! Enjoy your treatment after a sugar scrub after a long winded day in the shower for a quick treatment or use it on the sofa for a cosy session in the comfort of your own home!

Fast, safe & easy to use- Intense Pulsated Light is as effective as ever in treating and permanently removing unwanted body hair so that you can enjoy hair-free, care-free all summer long, through the years! It has been designed after years of research with dermatologists and skin-care professionals to provide you the safest treatment possible.

SmartSkin Sensor- Philips Lumea BRI956 comes equipped 5 light intensities and let’s you choose the one that suits you the best with the smart skin sensor, that automatically senses the skin tone for an effective treatment that will last you for life. You can always change the light intensity later based on what you are most comfortable with.

World’s first IPL with curved attachments- Curved attachments for face and body that glide onto your skin for the perfect treatment- done in a jiffy! Make the most of your time by effectively using the IPL for the stipulated treatment time and voila, hello glowing skin!

Tailor-made attachments- Philips Lumea comes equipped with separate attachments for bikini line, face, underarm and body so that each body part gets the attention it deserves, without any compromise. Lumea is one of the premier, most talked about brands that pays attention to your every need, so that you get an all-round much-needed confidence boost with a permanently hair free body!

Suitable for a wide variety of skin types- Philips Lumea Prestige works effectively, easily and safely on a wide variety of hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL-based treatments, Philips Lumea cannot be used to treat white/grey, light blonde or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin. This is due to the high contrast required between the pigment in the hair colour and the pigment in the skin tone.

Face attachment with precise design and extra face filter- Lumea has been specially designed with an extra integrated filter and a small, flat window for a treatment that is gentle and precise for use on the upper lip, chin and jawline, a 2 cm2 window size, so that you never have to fret about getting those pesky corners of your face.

Specific body attachment with a large, curved-in design for those large areas- Equipped with a large, curved-in design that follow the body contours, effectively covering tall body parts like arms, stomach and legs! As much as 83 % of women are satisfied with their hair reduction on legs and other body parts, as the 4.1cm2 window leaves no scope for unwanted hair regrowth, getting even the smallest hair on your body!

Medium sized, curved design attachment for underarms that require that special attention- Gone are the days when you had to worry about underarm hair! Philips comes equipped with a 3cm2 window with a curved design that makes reaching those hard-to-reach areas as easy as 1, 2, 3… According to a survey, 86% women are satisfied with the Lumea Underarm attachment. So what are you waiting for?

How to work the magic?

Unlike math, wrapping your head around how the Philips Lumea works is fairly simple and elaborated to make your slide or glide treatments as easy as shaving, only permanent! Let’s check out the procedure, which if followed up with regular treatments can drastically change the way you live your life, and understand how you can manage to get permanently hair-free at home!

Step 1- Turn on the device by pressing the on/ off switch. The device automatically starts operation using light intensity setting 1. Either you can activate the skin tone sensor or choose your own light intensity level by adjusting the setting manually. Adjust using the toggle button until you have reached the required intensity setting, the relevant light will light up white.

Step 2- Get ready to be hair-free with Lumea, switch on the smart skin sensor and put the Lumea to your skin.

Step 3- Once you have successfully scanned your skin, the relevant white intensity light will turn on, indicating the intensity that suits you best according to your skin tone.

Step 4- Lumea gives you five light intensity options to choose from so that you get a tailor-made treatment. Once the smart skin sensor has automatically sensed your skin tone, press the confirmation button to confirm using the suggested intensity lght. If not, then your Lumea will automatically use the highest suggested intensity, which is indicated by a red lighting led indicator, blinking red continuously. If you want to go one step further and set the light intensity setting manually, please consult the given table. This table shows settings that for the majority of users provides a comfortable, but an effective treatment nevertheless.

Step 5- Lumea has been designed to give you the comfort of permanent hair removal from your home. If you ever experience discomfort, reduce the light intensity setting down a notch, simply by using the up-down buttons.

Step 6- It is pertinent to perform a skin test after shifting to another body part, to re-activate the skin sensor, press the magnifying glass symbol. It is especially necessary if your skin is tanned at different places.

Application modes: Philips Lumea comes equipped with two different application modes for a quick, easy and effective treatment, tailored according to your preferences:

Slide & Flash mode- This mode is to treat large areas like stomach, legs. It’s flash and go, just slide it over the area you wish to treat, keep the flash button pressed throughout the application and you will not need to lift the Lumea between flashes! Slide & flash mode is a godsent when it comes to treating large areas, making treatment easier!

Stamp & Flash mode- Ideal for treating small and bony areas like knees and armpits, that are more difficult to treat using the large attachment. Simply place your Lumea on the area you wish to treat, release a flash, lift it off from the skin and move on to the next area, voila! Hello, gorgeous skin!

Takeaway: Philips Lumea is one-of-a-kind device that gives you the freedom of hair-free, carefree summers all life long! It comes added with features that are peculiar and makes the entire treatment fuss-free and comfortable. An investment that will last you for life, this one’s definitely a keeper!


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What is lost can’t be redeemed is a thing of the past! Redeem, retrieve and revive your health in a new light with the ever-changing technology of today to live life on your terms! Same old you, renewed confidence when your pelvic floor is as strong as the concrete on your curb! Leave the myths by the door and welcome to the world of renewed strength and rigour with the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner for women.


Where is your pelvic floor located?

Pelvic floor muscles contain bones and pelvic organs such as urethra, uterus, vagina bladder etc. In layman terms, pelvic muscles form a hammock like sling from your pubic bone in the front to the tailbone in the back. It helps keep your organs in place, aids in orgasm, helps maintain urination and faeces continence, and also aid in stabilising the hips & back muscles, and in supplying blood to the pelvic organs.

Pelvic Pain- Explained:

Pelvic pain is pain in your pelvic region, it can range from safe to chronic.Pelvic pain is the single most cause for 15% of all sick days taken by women in the UK; about 26% of all sufferers have considered suicide when they are unable to cope. Don’t look far, the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner is here to save the day when it comes to all things pelvic muscles!

Symptoms of your pelvic floor needs strengthening:


Pelvic floor can get weakened due a host of causes, especially in women, some of the common reasons include pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and the straining due to chronic constipation. These are some of the tell tale signs that your pelvic floor needs strengthening-

  • Small amounts of urination leaks during coughing, sneezing or laughing- these are known as ‘laughter leaks’ and termed as incontinence in the medical terms
  • Reduced sensation in the vagina during sexual intercourse
  • Persistent pain during sexual intercourse after childbirth
  • Tampons falling out during periods
  • Frequently using panty liners to avoid a damp underwear
  • A sensation of heaviness or dragging beneath the pelvic floor, in the vagina
  • Consistent lower back pain along with one or more aforementioned symptoms
  • Uncontrollable wind from the vagina or anus
  • Having a desperate urge to urinate as you get home, commonly referred to as ‘key in the door’ syndrome
  • Getting up two or more times in a night to urinate, referred to as ‘nocturia’

If one or more of these symptoms persist, it s time to get yourself checked from a pelvic floor specialist and to consider using the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner.

The Solution:

Pelvic Floor Manual Exercises vs. Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner

What’s worse than urinary incontinence? Not knowing what to do.


Majority of women do not know how to effectively exercise their pelvic floor muscles manually which leads to incorrect postures, thereby damaging the
already weak pelvic floor muscles. Move over YouTube videos claiming to revive your pelvic floor muscles and seek professional help with the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor toner, which is 50% more effective than even the best manual exercises. After just 12 weeks of consistent usage of the Kegel8, embarrassing incidents will be a thing of the past!

Is the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Toner the correct device for me?

Why, yes, it is! The Kegel8 is specifically designed to maximise pelvic floor strength that leads to a better pelvic floor, strong muscles, better health and improved continence for leading the life you were always meant to.

Many women are made to believe in the inevitability of a weakened pelvic floor post pregnancy and childbirth, to all of y’all out there, listen up
ladies! Pelvic floor is like any other muscle in our body, it can be retrieved by exercise, probing and devices like Kegel8 Ultra20 and be back to normal after a stipulated period of time.

Ladies, even if you are not suffering from the aforementioned symptoms, the Kegel8 Toner can up your bedroom game by heightened pleasure in the bedroom, a stronger back and posture, and a flatter stomach! So what are you waiting for?

How does Kegel8 work?

Kegel8 has developed a pain relief program as a natural solution to pelvic pain without having to resort to any kind of surgery or drugs! A natural solution to the debilitating condition is encouraging the stimulation of endorphins- the bye-bye stress hormone, the body’s natural pain killer and stress relieve hormone! Kegel8 will provide an even strength across your pelvic floor, relieving any stress around tight pelvic floor muscles and working in the most sensitive areas. It works by blocking the pain signals.


which are sent from your area of pain, to the brain. The results work far longer than the device is being used for, making Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Toner a device that not only relieves pain but also gives you the confidence to lead the life of your dreams!

What is NMES?

The Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic toner uses something known as Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) that is known to quickly and effectively strengthen your pelvic floor. NMES essentially uses a device to deliver painless electrical current to nerves and are used to ‘retrain’ or ‘re-educate’ a muscle to function properly. The electric simulation of the muscles is done to increase rigour of the muscles and strengthen them from within. Through a vaginal probe, these electric currents are delivered deep into the pelvic floor, contracting and relaxing in turn to build strength and tone. The Kegel8 exercises 90% of the muscle group, a result 40% more effective than just manual pelvic floor exercises, provided they are done correctly.

If for some reason you cannot, or wish not to use the vaginal probe, you can use the is to use skin electrodes placed on the inside of the ankle, or on the lower back, to stimulate the nerves which connect to the pelvic floor, it will deliver the same amazing results as the vaginal probe!

How to use?

Inside the box you will find:

  • Ultra20 unit
  • Probe with a sample pack of lubricant
  • A pack of skin electrodes
  • Two lead wires
  • A 9 volt battery
  • A quick start guide
  • Instruction manual

Step 1- If the battery has a protective covering, remove and slide into the back of your Kegel8 , ensuring the ribbon is underneath the battery for easy removal.


Step 2- To use the probe, insert the red and black connectors of the lead wire into the pigtail connectors of the probe. Attach the lead wire into the channel given on the top left of your device. Attach the probe into the inner ankles of your legs and sip a cuppa Earl Grey and enjoy your down time while the Kegel works its magic! This process is called Tibial NerveStimulation and is an alternative to the vaginal probe.

Step 3- To use the electrodes, insert the red and black connectors of the probe into the lead wire into the ports of the electrode. Connect one port of the lead wire into channel A on the top left of the Kegel8, and the second pair into channel B on the top right.

Step 4- When you’re ready for exercising, press the power button once and select the preset programme by selecting the ‘P’ button. The screen will display the name of the program, you can choose which one you wish to use. Start the program by pressing the ‘+’ button on the left hand side, this will commence the program by increasing the mA’s. Note: the mA’s will not increase above 8 if the probe is not inserted. Please keep pressing the ‘+’ button until you feel your pulses fluttering and contracting your muscles in a way that is strong but not uncomfortable.


Step 5- When you’re exercising, you should aim to keep the mA level to 30. You will see the number of mA’s displayed on the bottom of
the screen, channel A is on the left and channel B is on the right. The program you choose will increase the number of mA’s to relax your muscles to contract them and then decrease to zero to relax them.

Step 6- The Ultra20 displays on the top right corner of your screen whether the device is contracting or relaxing your muscles. The time remaining can be seen in the right middle of the screen, while the program you have chosen will be shown on the top right corner. The Ultra20 will shut itself off when your chosen program is finished. Should you need to end the program early, just press the power button and the device will turn off.

Takeaway : Kegel8 is a pelvic floor exerciser that works in three distinct yet effective waysvaginal probe, tidal nerve stimulation and sacral nerve stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor, completely eradicate the embarrassing situations of ‘laughter leaks’ and ‘key in the door’ syndrome for a pelvic floor that is healthy, strong and works as good as it used to in the roaring 20’s of your age!


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Befriend ageing and embrace youthfulness! Your rescue from the steady decline of tight skin of the 20s is here- Illuminate Beauty’s Youth Activator, that makes age literally feel like just a number. Iluminage is based out of the bustling New York City, sold at premier stores like Harrods, Selfridges etc., is one of the most talked about brands often covered in beauty editorials and magazines like LA Weekly, The Times, Marie Claire, rated #1 brand by U.S. dermatologists for athome treatments and what’s more? The rage has just begun!


Iluminage’s Youth Activator, as the name suggests is a power-packed, at-home device that combines powerful patented technology with superior results to give your skin routine a much needed boost. One of the most talked about beauty products of today- Youth Activator has been spotted in magazines day to the likes of The Times Magazine, Women’s Health, Marie Claire and much more! So what exactly is Radio Frequency light? How does it work? DOES it work? Let’s find out:

The Technology:

Youth Activator combines three power packed technologies to create the most powerful luxury beauty tool on the market! Groundbreaking, patented technology that includes radio frequency which knows no bounds when it comes to reducing fine lines, wrinkles and boosting collagen production to Red LED light that, as unique as the name suggests, was initiated by NASA scientists improves blood circulation to the face and infrared light that reduces redness, skin irritation and flushing, make the Youth Activator a luxury beauty market fad.

How does it work?

Radio Frequency- A contourer in disguise, radio frequency technology boosts collagen (the youth elixir) production in the skin by heating the tissue on the skin to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Essentially used in place of facelifts- radio frequency induces tissue remodelling and produces elastin and collagen, both responsible to tackle skin tightening around the mouth, eyes, forehead, covering the entire face. It works by delivering gentle thermal energy deep within the skin where lotions and potions cannot fathom to reach, to activate the youthfulness cell regeneration.


Red Light and Infrared Rays- Initially used by NASA to promote speedy growth of plants, turns out Red Light also helps in improving blood circulation as well as helps in repairing damaged cells, thereby boosting cellular metabolism in the face using a process called photo rejuvenation (literally rejuvenating and activating the glowing skin from within!) which is responsible for reducing wrinkles on the face.

Treatment Areas: The Iluminage’s Youth Activator is ideal for treatments on the face providing clinically proven younger looking skin after just one treatment! It can be used on four main parts of the face where the wrinkle disaster usually strikes!

  • Forehead- to do away with those semi-perma lines that appear with ageing.
  • Cheeks- makes cheeks firmer, taut and pout ready, anytime, anywhere!
  • Chin- wrinkles on the chin can often go unnoticed, reveal the new you, doing away with those wrinkles.
  • Jawline- perkier looking skin and defined jawline that does not sag is just one treatment away!

Procedure: Prep your skin for radiance that glows from within! Follow these steps for an ultimate treatment:

Step 1- Do a patch test on your forearm to familiarise yourself with the treatment process, prior to the first treatment. (Pro tip: Remember to fully charge your device following the test treatment for your first use!)

Step 2- Thoroughly cleanse skin to remove any leftover makeup, dirt or oil and wipe with a clean cloth. Blast your favourite Beyoncé track at full volume and let the treatment begin! To turn the power on, press the silver button on the device. Once it turns on, a blue line will illuminate, indicating that the device is in low mode. To turn on high mode, simply press the silver button once again, two blue lines will illuminate. It is recommended to start with low mode and move to high mode subsequently, when you fell comfortable with the device.

Step 3- – Place yourself in a well lit area, in front of a mirror with your device fully charged. Identify the four facial treatments zones in your face, essentially dividing your face in four equal parts, cut in half horizontally and vertically, to choose the areas that you wish to treat. These are known as

Zone 1: Upper left area of the face starting with the middle part of your forehead to the left cheekbone.

Zone 2: Lower left area of the face starting with the left cheekbone to the middle part of the chin.

Zone 3: Upper right of the face starting with the middle part of your forehead to the left cheekbone.

Zone 4: Lower right area of the face starting with the left cheekbone to the middle part of the chin.

Step 4- Grab the elixir cream, i.e. Iluminage’s Youth Activator Contouring Serum (and apply a generous amount of serum to your the zone that you wish to treat. Note that it is absolutely recommended to not use anything other than Youth Activator contouring serum with the device, it is developed to maximise results and aids in proper usage and better absorption of light into the skin.

Step 5- Place the tip of the applicator in full contact with the treatment are of the face. Note that the four silver bands on the applicator should be in full contact with the skin at all times or else the device will automatically stop working. Once you begin treatment, the head will be illuminated, indicating that the light is being delivered. A gentle warming sensation being felt is normal and can be felt during treatment, which is just the RF and the red light infusing electrolytes and botanical peptides into the skin, the technology working its magic!

Step 6- Move the device in constant circular motion to treat the specific zone, the device will automatically vibrate after four minutes, signalling you to hop on to the next treatment zone. After all four zones have been treated, the device will automatically power off (now that is literally the beauty of smart!).

Step 7 : Wipe off the remaining serum from your face using a damp cloth. Wipe the treatment tip with a clean cloth and place the cover of the device in place. Post the treatment, you may notice a slight redness on the face which is a sign that the treatment is working! If you encounter any difficulty using the device, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual or get in touch with us at for a live chat with one of our customer executives. Lastly, plug in the device for charing to prepare for your next treatment. Voila! Fresher, younger looking skin that is tighter, firmer and taut, ready to pucker and pout for that flawless age-defying selfie, making age literally just a number!

Charging your Device: Charge your device after a full treatment of the face and keep it in use until your next use. One full charge will last for one treatment of the face. The green battery indicator light will flash as a signal when the battery is charging and once charging is complete, the battery indicator light will be a steady green.


When to Expect Results and The Frequency of Usage:

Beauty takes time and patience, but the results are definitely worth the wait. Expect youthful radiance, tighter looking skin, less wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, less wrinkles on the forehead and a god gifted boost to your skincare routine with Iluminage’s Youth Activator. Powered by Radio Frequency technology, Red and Infrared light has combined the best of technology that will leave no stone unturned to mask the signs of ageing and reveal the skin of of days gone by! Treatments should be repeated once a day for the first four weeks to reveal maximum results. Take this as seriously as your contraception, miss a day and the effect starts to dwindle. The best time to treat your skin is night time before your intricate cleansing, toning, moisturising, castor oil on eyebrows, face serums, and a bout of expensive creams later, revealing skin that is visibly plumper and brighter looking after just one treatment.
After just one week of treatment, your skin will start to look firmer and younger looking. To complete the full treatment, use for additional four weeks following the first four, twice in two weeks to get the full benefits of the Youth Activator. After six weeks, 79% of women saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles on the face (the study is based on the overall assessment of the device benefits after 30 treatments).

Takeaway: Youth Activator defines the contour of the face, giving it a lift literally, from the first use to the full treatment time, making the skin firmer, reducing wrinkles on the face, rebuilding healthy collagen and revealing a new you- with brighter, pumper looking skin that demands attention! We definitely recommend it for an in-house, anti-ageing sesh that is lighter on the pocket and firmer on results!


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Fillers, razors, exorbitant laser treatments, ice massages to facial acupuncture, the luxury beauty market segment has ventured out into the unknown since time immemorial. But the latest fad is all about one thing and that is permanent hair removal (no, it’s not Kylie lip fillers!). Welcome to the world of hair removal that not only lasts your weekend getaway but one that lasts for life! Introducing Remington iLight Essential IPL, an effective at-home hair removal that is a compact, easy-to-use device that brings hair-free, care-free to life! Remington is the worldwide leader in personal care providing skin and hair grooming solutions with world-class products and groundbreaking technology. Headquartered in Middleton, WI, Remington’s products reach across the globe and are sold at premier stores like Debenhams, Boots; rated #1 Women’s Electric Shaver brand in North America, Remington is the future of hair removal!.

What is the rage all about?

Intense Pulsated Light- Explained:

Intense Pulsated Light is one of the most effective, practically pain-free and easy to use, at-home form of permanent hair removal that applies broad-spectrum light to the skin that in turn targets the melanin in the skin. Once the device is in contact with the skin, it sends out light that travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts, i.e. the root of the hair. As the light gets absorbed in the skin, the hair papilla (simply put- the hair manufacturing factory unit) gets destroyed due to the heat applied. Since the root, bulb is where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as it gets destroyed, you will be hair-free from the root up! Ever wondered why IPL hair removal can be a needy girlfriend sometimes? Demanding time and undivided attention through the course of your treatment time? THIS is why At any given point of time during treatment, not all of your hair follicles are active, light does not reach the inactive hair follicles, making hair grow back. Since IPL only targets the active hair follicles, one has to wait for an inactive hair follicle to become active, hence the number of treatments stretch to over the course of few weeks, making it effective only if one follows the treatment protocol.

Remington iLight Essential is one product on the market that is affordable, lightweight, effective and swift, packaged ergonomically in one small, wondrous product! Think beach days without having to worry about your bikini line ever again, think living life sans the weekly visits to your bathroom to discover the stubble has grown back, think above and beyond the weekly touch-up routines! IPL Hair Removal has jumped on the trend bandwagon and how!

Let’s dive into the features of Remington’s Intense Pulsated Light (or home pulsed light) iLight Essential!

Price: RRP 229.99 RRP 129.99

(Save up to 43% if you buy from, enjoy free worldwide shipping, get a Homedics My Spa cleansing brush worth £39.99, travel pouch and safety glasses free!)

Skin Tone: iLight Essential has an automatic skin tone sensor that detects if the device is suitable for your skin tone. The at-home IPL device is suitable for skin tones 1 – 5 if used in the given suitable energy settings:

  • Skin Tone 1- Energy setting 1-5 (Lightest colour on the colour spectrum)
  • Skin Tone 2- Energy setting 1-5
  • Skin Tone 3- Energy setting 1-4
  • Skin Tone 4- Energy setting 1-3
  • Skin Tone 5- Energy setting 1-2

(Note: It is not applicable for skin tone 6)

Hair Colour: The device does NOT work on hair colours that are:

  • Naturally white
  • Blonde
  • Gray
  • Red

Advanced Triggerless Technology: Remington’s IPL advanced triggerless design delivers 3x faster flashes (as compared to the previous model) for treatments that are quick, easy and tailormade for that goddess like glow! iLight comes equipped with HPL technology that enables the use of low energy levels for safe and sound at-home usage. (get a safety spectacles when you place your order with us for added safety!)

No Replacement Cartridge: Cartridge that is as permanent as your hair removal- forever! With iLight essential, you get a lifetime of treatments, it provides 5 years of full body treatments with a whooping 3,50,000 flashes so that you never have to worry about a replacement cartridge. Now who said salon laser hair removal is better than at-home IPL?

FDA Cleared: What’s more? The IPL hair removal is FDA cleared and clinically proven to get rid of unwanted hair on the face as well as body for women so that you never have to worry about the results or be concerned about safety, let the results do the talking!.

Treatment Areas : iLight Essential is clinically proven to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body –

  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Face (below the cheekbones)

How permanent is permanent?

Treatment time, explained: Move over empty claims and hefty salon bills! Check out the treatment time guide for Remington’s super HPL technology that takes away the hair without burning a hole in your pocket! The efficiency of your treatment with IPL will be determined by how well you follow through the whole treatment process; a typical full hair cycle may take 18-24 months, during which multiple treatments will be required to completely eradicate any traces of hair!

iLight Essential treatment times:

  • Treatments 1-4: Plan two weeks apart
  • Treatments 5-7: Plan four weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+: Treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.

Procedure: Get ready for flawless, radiant skin that demands attention, with procedure that is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Pre-treatment basics-

  • Prepare for skin for the wonderful journey ahead with removing all jewellery prior to usage.
  • Check if your skin tone lies in the specific range with the automatic skin tone sensor.
  • Start with the lowest energy setting (1) and gradually increase once your body gets equipped to the device.

2. Patch test- Do a patch test on your skin to understand how your skin reacts to the treatment. Press the control button on your device and the level 1 energy indicator light will go on. Place the treatment window in full contact with your skin, a gentle pulsing sound will come ad you might feel a tingling sensation. Leave it unattended for 24 hours, if you do not experience any abnormal discomfort, continue with the treatment. (Pro tip: Do a patch test on each part of your skin that you wish to treat for maximum safety).

3. Start the treatment-

  • Prior to treatment, skin should be free of shaved, clean and dry, free of any cosmetics (do not tweeze, wax or pluck your skin, it is highly recommended to shave prior to usage.)
  • Press the control button and wait for the ready light to turn on, level 1 energy level will turn on and the fan ill start.
  • Approximately one second after pressing the control button, your device will be ready for use in the lowest energy setting.
  • Once you are comfortable with the first energy setting, you can increase it to a higher one. Press the control button repeatedly to set your device to the desired energy setting.
  • Select a mode of treatment- either gliding or pulsing and place the treatment window in full contact with the skin, making sure it is spread evenly and smoothly. The device will automatically go on and the ready light will start blinking slowly.
  • The device will first determine your skin tone, you will feel a slight warm, tingling sensation and a pop sound, which is absolutely normal.
  • You can start treatment either by gliding or pulsing and continue to simply glide or repeat the pulsing process until you have covered the entire area.

4 Post treatment- For renewed battery life, take good care of your device post-use:

  • Press and hold the control button and turn the device off and remove the adapter from the power outlet. (Pro top: Remember the energy setting that you used as the device will automatically restart with the lowest energy setting.)
  • It is important to clean your device post each use, simply wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Never use acetone or other abrasive fluids for cleaning your device.
  • After cleaning, store the device in its original box till next usage for maximum shelf life.

Take Away: Remington’s Intense Pulsated Light / Home Pulsed Light is safe for at-home use, is clinically proven to get rid of that pesky stubble that keeps finding its way to your body, can permanently remove any hair from the face & bikini line, making it a product worth trying! Try it out
for the smooth legs, smooth process and overall ratings in terms of the reasonable price range, a world renowned brand name and some rave reviews to go with it!